Here at Inked Up Graphics, we strive to provide you with the best customer experience. We always do our best to meet your expectations by being up front about our process and explain everything in detail to ensure you receive the exact product you are seeking. That being said, here are some bits of information that will undoubtedly help you be aware of our policies and practices. If you have any unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to shoot us an email or give us a ring! We look forward to helping you on your next apparel printing or graphic design project. - Eric & Britt – Owners


Not all artwork is created equal. Some designs or logos that you have created may not be usable for print reproduction. We are always happy to get existing artwork to a “printable” state, but that may require some re-working on our end. If you don't have any artwork at all, that's not a problem either. We can help! Our basic fees are outlined below (but like most things, vary depending on the time we put into creating your custom design). A deposit is required to begin the art design process.

Art Fee Minimum- $40
Re-Create from Existing Artwork - $65-125
Custom Apparel Design - $100 minimum - $250 (depending on scope of work)
Logo Design – Starting at $750

Usable files, if you have your own to provide to us, are requested in the following formats:
.eps; .ai; high resolution .psd; .pdf

Deposits & Approvals

A 50% deposit of the invoice total is required to get your order on the print production schedule. We also require written approval (in the form of signature or “approved” email) to proceed with your order. We will not assume that you'd like to move forward with your order until the Artwork and Quote/Invoice have been approved and the deposit has been received. We will provide digital artwork proofs for all print jobs that we receive. If you are an organization that requires a PO, we are happy to work with you as well. Please speak with us directly and we will address that on a case by case basis. Any remaining balance on your order is due at the time of completion. PLEASE review your order carefully. It is your responsibility to ensure that the order, including garment color, size, quantities, ink colors, placements, etc. are correct upon approval.
PLEASE NOTE: Approval of an order, in the form of a signed quote/invoice/art proof or an “Approved” email constitutes consent to proceed as well as agreement to our policies and procedures.

Turnaround/Rush Orders & Deadlines

Our general turnaround on most orders is 10- 14 business days (M-F) from the receipt of the deposit and approval of artwork. If you require a shorter production timeline, additional fees will be assessed. Rush orders are only accepted if our current production schedule allows for it.

The following percentages will be applied to the invoice total according to the “rush” timeline given.
1 Business Day: 100%
5 Business Days: 25%

Payments Accepted

Inked Up Graphics accepts all forms of payments including Cash, Check and all major Credit Cards.
Please be aware that Credit Card Transactions are subject to a 3% Lost Cash Discount, which will be applied to the invoice total. Prices displayed reflect the cash discount. Please note we do not keep credit card numbers on file and signed credit card authorization forms are required for credit card purchases.

Damage Allowance

Inked Up Graphics will not be responsible for under runs within the under/over run allowance of 3% based on the total quantity of goods ordered.
Let's be honest - sometimes things happen that are out of our control, and sometimes, it's just the nature of our business. Damage occurs occasionally, during production, but oftentimes, the cause of damage is from the mills who produce the garments. We certainly do our best to avoid any miss-haps and catch fraying edges or un-sewn seams, but from time to time we may miss this. We encourage you to order a few extra garments, to avoid any loss, especially when the garments are specific to each person wearing them. Our damage allowance is 3% per imprint location. So, what we are saying is if you order 100 garments with one print location, 3 of them could potentially have a slight imperfection.

Everything within the 3% allowance of the ordered quantity will be considered acceptable for delivery. For this reason, we highly recommend ordering extra garments in each size needed. Inked Up Graphics will not be responsible for lost profits on under runs. No alterations to the invoice will be made for orders delivered within the over/under run allowance.

Minimum Orders

Our time is valuable, just like yours! Screen printing is a process and takes time to set-up a job, therefore we have minimum orders based on the number of colors in your design and print locations.
Our absolute minimum order is 24 pieces for a 1-3 color design. 4-6 color designs require a 50 piece minimum order. During busy seasons we may increase our minimum orders to 24 pieces to facilitate a better workflow. This would apply to orders with 1-3 colors. We do, however, let you mix and match garments, so long as the artwork, colors, and ink work on each garment. (If we need to change ink to accommodate a different type of garment, such as a polyester or nylon ink, we would require the same minimums).

1- 3 Colors : 24 Pieces
4- 6 Colors : 50- Pieces

6 Pieces

Price Breaks & Print Pricing

Quantity is the name of the game. The higher quantity you order, the better print pricing you will receive. Our price brackets are as follows:
24; 25-49; 50-99; 100-199; 200-399; 400-699; 700-999; 1000-1499;

Print pricing is based on several variables, which is why we typically provide custom quotes for each and every print job we do. Determining factors include quantity of goods ordered, number of print locations, number of colors in each print location, and the garment selected.

Printing on fleece and specialty locations, including, but not limited to sleeves, on or above pocket, and  side imprints, are subject to a minimal additional fee due to extra time and careful attention required to do so.

Please note: Inked Up Graphics reserves the right to change our pricing at any time and without notice. Estimates made prior to the change are valid for 30 days after the estimate’s creation.

Set-Up Fees

Since time and materials are required to get your artwork onto a screen and ready for production, we do charge a set-up fee for your print job. Unlike other shops, our set-up fees are One-Time fees! This means that if you are a business or organization that may want to do multiple runs of a design or logo, we only charge the set-up fee the first time around, as long as the artwork stays the same. This is especially beneficial if you want to “test the waters” with a small run, to see how things sell or get a physical sample to take pre-orders. Or if you have a solid design that you know you will need to use for years to come. Our set-up fees are $15 per color and placement.
Digitizing fee for embroidery is $45 for most artwork, excluding oversize and stitch-dense files.

Example: Font Left Chest print – Single Color with a 2 Color Back print = 3 x $15 = $45 one time fee.

Ink Changes

We are happy to change out your ink if you are printing on multiple color garments or different types of material. This allows flexibility to offer options with your apparel, without changing the design while combining the overall quantity of your order. Each print location/color change is subject to a $10 ink change fee.

Placements & Sizing

Standard front print placement for crew neck tees is 2.5”- 3.5” down from the collar seam, and 4” -5” from the collar seam on the back. Print locations can vary depending on the type of garment, and should be considered when placing your order. For example, a Ladies' v-neck print will be adjusted downward to accommodate for lower neckline. If you'd like a print to be placed in a specific location other than the standard placements, that should be discussed and agreed upon prior to the approval of your art-proof. Slight variances in print location are common due to inconsistencies in manufacturing. A 1″ allowance in any direction of the proofed location is considered acceptable.
Print size will be determined by the size range of garments ordered and will be scaled to fit the smallest garment. Each garment will be printed with the same image size, unless requested otherwise. Additional set-up fees are required for artwork printed in multiple size prints (i.e. Youth & Adult sizes), and will be treated as separate orders. Distortion is common when printing large images on small garments and when printing over seams, collars, zippers and ribbed garments due to the uneven nature and inconsistencies are considered acceptable and are not misprints.


Inked Up Graphics offers a “House” list of 80 custom ink colors to choose from, and most products will be printed using a color from that list which most closely resembles the digital art proof provided. Please keep in mind that all computer screens have different color settings and therefore, may appear different from one screen to the next. We also offer a PMS (Pantone Matching System) for those clients with a need for a specific or unique color, for an additional $15 fee. If no specific color is called out prior to the approval of the artwork, we will use a standard “House” color.
Please be aware that color variations can occur when printing on different garment types, materials and brands.
To ensure longevity of your print and image vibrancy, we always recommend machine washing your shirts in cold water and tumble drying on low heat.

Garment Selection & Sample Items

We encourage our clients to come in and take a look at an array of garment samples, to see, feel and try the fit on different styles to meet your individual (or group's) needs. We have compiled an extensive selection of our recommended brands and styles for our customers. Like most things in life, this is completely subjective, and what we may view as a great option, may not be what you have in mind for your organization. It is essential to know that quality prints begin with the garment selection. Variables that can affect the print outcome are stitch count, weight, thickness, color, finish and fabric properties such as heat tolerance and potential for dye migration. Essentially, choosing a quality garment will result in better quality imprints.
If we do not have a sample in the shop that you are interested in trying, we are happy to order one at cost plus any shipping & handling fees. Spec sheets can be provided at no cost upon request.

Change Orders/ Add-on's

If your order has changed beyond the time you placed your deposit, we are happy to assist you for an additional “Change Order” fee, if production has not begun. After production has begun, we cannot add/change/remove garments, as it would delay other orders in line for production. For this reason, we recommend that you thoroughly review your order before submitting a deposit and approval. You are responsible for ensuring that your order is correct before approval!

Customer Supplied Garments

Some of you may want to supply your own garments, which is absolutely acceptable. However, we cannot be responsible for the quality of the garments or replacements in the event of a damaged item, which was provided by the customer. It is the client's responsibility to check the quality of the garments before delivery. Each item will be printed “AS IS” and charged accordingly. Furthermore, we require garments to be delivered a minimum of 3 days prior to the scheduled production date.
Additionally, it is imperative that we are aware of the type of garment and fabric content of the garments provided, as some items may require specialty inks or processes to achieve quality prints. For this reason, please check in with us before purchasing your own items. We may request a sample garment before agreeing to decorate your items. We require accurate packing slips to verify garment counts. We recommend you contact us first to discuss turnaround and any other pertinent details. All minimums still apply.

Inventory & Stock

We cannot guarantee the stock levels from our suppliers and the mills they procure items from. We do our best to check inventory during the quoting and proofing stages, but on occasion styles will be unavailable. In this case, we will notify our customer and give them one of two options:
1.Back order items and reschedule production until delivery of goods in the orders entirety; at which time your order will gain priority on our production schedule.
2.Replace items with comparable styles and/or colors.
If the client chooses to simply remove items due to outages, the print pricing will revert to the current quantity totals.

Social Media

We love showing off your products! Inked Up Graphics frequently posts images of our production process and finished goods to social media sites including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest as well as on our website. This allows us to promote both your business and ours simultaneously. If you'd prefer that we don't share your designs or products on the world wide web or other, please notify us during the ordering process. Lack of notification will be considered permission to share. In our opinion, this is a win-win!

Packaging, Delivery & Shipping

All orders will be packaged and bulk folded in dozens (or half dozens for fleece). You will be notified promptly upon completion of your order and are expected to pick up your order in a timely manner. Local delivery or domestic shipping can be arranged for an additional fee. Please let us know at the time of ordering if you require delivery and/or shipping insurance (additional charges apply). In most cases, orders will be shipped via GSO (Golden State Overnight) or UPS Ground. Transit times are not included in turnaround time frames. Inked Up Graphics assumes no responsibility for goods once they leave our production facility.

Returned Checks

There is a $30 charge for all returned checks. If a check is returned, all payments thereafter will need to be made with cash or cashier’s check.

Our Guarantee

Inked Up Graphics is proud to offer quality printing & design services to our customers and we completely stand by our products. If you believe there has been an error with your order, please notify us within 72 hours of receipt of your order, so that we may address any issues that fall outside of our  policies and procedures. We do not offer refunds, but will replace products within 10 business days that are deemed to be miss-printed according to the agreed upon proof and invoice. We will not be responsible for errors found after 72 hours.